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Using different brass

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  • Using different brass

    Will using different brass effect my accuracy, velocity etc etc? Say I loaded up some Winchester brass and Remington brass would I notice a huge difference at 500+ yards?

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    Using different brass for precision applications will certainly create a difference. How much that variance is, may vary with loads and calibers, however the variation comes from powder/case capacity. Having different powder capacity creates different pressure curves which changes the velocity.

    For .223/5.56 and .308; where there is military brass (LC/WCC/Other markings) and commercial brass you see variations of a grain or two in case capacity and need to adjust your loads. In general, military brass has a lower case capacity as the brass is thicker in certain areas to handle higher pressures and abuse from hot ammo, dirty weapons and/or loose chambers (especially machine guns). Generally speaking as well, Lapua brass tends to have a grain or two lower case capacity vs others such as Winchester and Remington. There are a few places that have some good reads on measuring case capacity with water.

    Finally, testing your loads in your rifle will ultimately tell you what matters and how much variation you might get.


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      Thanks Sean! Really appreciate it the info! I'll have to start some tests now.