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Checking Your Zero

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  • Checking Your Zero

    Ok, so I'm going to Wyoming for whitetail/mule deer from October 30 - Novemer 5. I have my rifle currently zeroed at 200yards. I will be shooting 600 and 1000 yards prior to going, to do some trajectory validation and get a better handle on my velocity. I am shooting a 6.5-284, 140 grain Berger Hybrid, 49 Grs H4350, Lapua brass, and Federal 210m primers. My rifle was initial chronographed at 2925 FPS. Now I have 95 rounds through my barrel and according to my last range session, impacting high, I believe, I am around 2975. I do not currently have access to a chronograph. The range I currently shoot at is about 2000 ft elevation. I'll be hunting at about 3500-4200 ft elevation. So my question is this, do you shoot paper when you get to your hunt location or pick a rock at whatever location and let one fly? Thanks

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    A quick check of your zero if always prudent if possible, especially when going after game. Aside from environmental changes, travel may have been rough on the rifle and optic. With regard to environmental data, a good ballistic solver can help on your elevation corrections once you have a solid base set of data.

    As a side note, you might be seeing some changes in velocity as the barrel wears in. Not every rifle does it, but it is not uncommon for a barrel to speed up or slow down once it gets 100-200 rounds through it.


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      I'm just trying to decide if i should shoot at 100 yards on paper or at a rock at 500 or 950 yards!


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        Originally posted by C.O. Shooter View Post
        I'm just trying to decide if i should shoot at 100 yards on paper or at a rock at 500 or 950 yards!
        If you can, do all three. 100yds will establish your base zero and then distance will confirm your other data.


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          More than likely, ill shoot again before my trip, clean the rifle for carbon, and shoot when I arrive in Wyoming! One at 100, 500 ish, and 900 ish!