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Need advice on two calibers?

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  • Need advice on two calibers?

    I'm purchasing my first bolt rifle in the next few days. I will be using this mainly for hunting deer size animals out to 300 yards, maybe further if I get comfortable with my gun and am consistent.

    I also would like to get into some further target shooting. I realize this rifle and calibers may not be the best for this but I I could start practicing out to 400-600 + I think I would really enjoy that. If the bug bites I would eventually buy a dedicated long range target gun

    So for 80% hunting, 20% long range accuracy what would you recommend?

    80% of the people have been recommending the 308 over the 270 for me. The 270 is a flatter shooter but the ability to get match grade amo, probability of all my hunting situations at 300 or less, more versatility leads guys more experienced than me to recommend the 308.

    What makes the 308 better at long range than the 270 given the 270 is flatter shooting and faster? Is the 308 bullet more stable in flight? I was surprised to hear that in long range competitions the 308 is very common and the 270 is hardly seen. Can you guys explain this to me and possibly recommend for my needs?

    The gun is a Weatherby Vanguard Series 2

    Calibers are 270 vs 308


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    The reason more 308's are shot is because the bullet offerings tend to have a higher ballistic coefficient. As far as the difference for your hunting situations there isn't a big one. Both will do the same job at those ranges on deer sized animals.


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      I have both the 308 and the 270 and like the 270 better for hunting, I have taken Elk with the 270 out to 565 yards with the Berger 140gr hunting vld and have over 9 Elk with it so far.. And deer as well..
      I also have a 6.5x284 that I like even more for both hunting and long range, with kills at Elk, 589 yards deer at 762 yards and speed goats at 845 an 981 yards..

      My wife likes the 6.5 as well and she has me beat with her Elk at 990 yards ..

      I would say buy for the long range and have fun hunting ..