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New Berger 7mm 195's Release

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1,380 Antelope shot

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  • New Berger 7mm 195's Release

    The all new 195's are avalable for pre order and will be expected to be released at the end of august. Click the link to order --

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    Bob, If you were to build a rifle and were considering a .284 or .338, how would you compare the .284 (195) to a .338 (300)? Let's say you could run the 195@3150 fps and the 300@2950?


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      Here are the numbers based on the velocities you have provided:

      The 338: 1000 yards -22.5 MOA Elevation, -4.2 MOA Windage at 10 mph, 2402.5 ft lbs energy

      The 7mm: 1000 yards -19.5 MOA Elevation, 4.0 MOA Windage at 10 mph, 1778 ft lbs energy

      The 338: 1500 yards -43.2 MOA Elevation, 7.2 MOA Windage at 10 mph, 1458 ft lbs energy

      The 7mm: 1500 yards -37.5 MOA Elevation, 6.8 MOA Windage at 10 mph, 1072 ft lbs energy

      Now keep in mind the 338 velocity you mentioned will be extremely difficult to achieve, not impossible, just difficult for most setups. The 7mm 195 bullets in our rifles are actually going faster then you mentioned. We have rifles shooting them doing 3225 fps, so you can slide the math according based on actual numbers!

      Thanks for the message!


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        Bob Thanks for the response!


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          What is the best suited caliber for the 7mm Berger 195gr? Is the 7mm rem mag enough, or do I need to step up to a 7mm rem ultra mag?